Joon Reid Story

Hear Joon Reid's story and learn more about his experiences with BioTech Limb & Brace in Birmingham, Alabama.



Joon Reid lost his left leg above the knee in a plane crash. Before coming to BioTech, he had several ill-fitting prosthesis. He recalls, "earlier legs were literally just a piece of wood with a hole cut out."

Joon recalls his experience, "With BioTech it was literally like walking for the first time. It was smooth...everything fell in place and they set me up so that everything was aligned."

BioTech sees many people come in the door with ill-fitting prosthesis. Our goal is to help get them into a property fitting prosthesis, ultimately helping people reach new levels. You should never have to simply tolerate your prosthesis - it should enhance your life, not limit you.

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