Technology is constantly evolving. To deliver the best results for our patients, BioTech Limb & Brace evolves as well, to take advantage of new technology as soon as it becomes available and incorporate it – and its benefits – into everything we do.

To further the development of prosthetics and orthotics in Birmingham, AL, we have capitalized on a new innovation in the field: carbon technology.

Carbon technology uses pre-impregnated carbon fiber in the fabrication of prosthetic and orthotic devices. There are significant advantages of using carbon technology in orthotics and prosthetics, such as:

  • Reduced weight
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Increased durability
  • Increased strength

By incorporating carbon technology, we can deliver prosthetics and orthotics in Birmingham, AL that are half the weight, on average, of devices created with traditional processes. These high tech solutions are also stronger, more durable, and more flexible than traditional devices, meaning they last longer and perform better.

Patients also benefit from superior levels of comfort and function. The energy storing capabilities of pre-preg carbon act like a spring replacing the function weakened muscles. Clinically this means our patients experience less fatigue turning disabilities into possibilities.

BioTech Limb & Brace is excited about incorporating carbon technology into our work. Contact us to learn more about how carbon technology can be used for your orthotic or prosthetic care.