Orthotics is the art and science of designing, fabricating, and fitting orthopedic braces, or orthoses.

Orthoses protect, support, and improve the function of various parts of the body. They may be needed because of birth deficiencies (such as spina bifida, cerebral palsy, or brittle-bone disease), as a result of accidents that have impaired function (such as spinal cord injuries, cartilage or ligament tears, head trauma), or when age or disease has taken their toll (such as stroke, poliomyelitis, and arthritis).

At BioTech, we construct braces in Birmingham, AL to correct or maintain the alignment of different parts of the body, with the goal of improving overall function and ability. Our orthoses can be made of metal, leather, foam, or plastics (including high-tech composites), depending on the patient and the desired goal of the device.

Some of the devices we use are off-the-shelf in a range of available sizes, but most of the work we do is custom for each individual person. With a custom orthosis we can apply the appropriate biomechanics to the effected anatomy through careful molding, measuring and modification techniques to provide the highest quality and function for each patient.

Contact us to learn more about the process we follow to create superior braces in Birmingham, AL – and find the orthotic care you need.