The socket is easily the most important part of your prosthesis – the point of connection between your prosthesis and your body. It is vital that this crucial component fit accurately and well, with a high degree of comfort and mobility.

BioTech’s transfermoral socket design – called the BioTech Comfort Socket System – has many important features:

  • Designed to relieve pressure points
  • Flexibility to enable sitting and bending
  • Highly contoured around musculoskeletal anatomy
  • Increased control
  • Increased stability thanks to reduced socket rotation

The BioTech Comfort Socket System has a wealth of advantages. The socket is molded around existing musculature and skeletal anatomy, which gives you control and proprioceptive feedback. Additionally, weight-bearing characteristics of the socket are equalized, which eliminates high-pressured areas over bony prominences.

Furthermore, total surface bearing prevents swelling and aids proper venous return, while the outer frame design allows customization of trimlines to suit individuals and greatly increase comfort.

Our Comfort Socket Systems use ultra-lightweight and flexible materials and are designed with sitting comfort in mind. The result is simple: a piece that is exceptionally comfortable due to a superior fit with your body.

Learn more about the Comfort Socket and how it delivers a better experience for our patients. Contact BioTech today.