sleep after limb loss

Many people struggle with getting a good night’s sleep. Sometimes it’s financial worries, stress at work, illness, or children with a tendency to wake in the night. But getting sleep after limb loss can present a whole new set of complications! Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons you may not be sleeping well, plus some ways to catch more zzz’s at night!

Reason #1: Infrequent Stretching

It may seem tedious, but stretching on a daily basis will ensure that you can straighten your hip, leg, arms, etc. properly, which will make everything from sitting to walking to lying down more comfortable.

When your body is stiff and tight, it can’t relax the way it should once you climb in bed. This means a poor night of sleep for you and a hard time waking up the next morning!

Reason #2: Swelling

Your residual limb can start swelling the moment you let it hang off the bed in the morning, which means putting on your prosthesis won’t be easy. To combat this, put your prosthesis on before you swing your leg over the edge of the mattress or before you get up and start moving your arm.

This may be difficult to do, but as time goes on, the swelling will be less of an issue and this won’t be such an important step.

Reason #3: Morning Showers

Many people love a hot shower first thing in the morning, but unfortunately, hot water can cause your residual limb to swell.

Instead, try taking your shower at night so that your limb will be back to normal by the time you wake up. It might not be quite as satisfying to start your day without that hot shower, but your prosthesis will fit a lot better -- and that should make up for it!

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