Rich Mixon is a kitchen designer with Lowes. He is now pain free and planning to run a half marathon!

Rich was originally hurt playing peewee football when he was only 13-years-old. He has had 19 surgeries and 4 total knee replacements from the time he was 14. His doctor recommended him to BioTech.

Rich decided to have the amputation surgery after talking with Eric at BioTech. Before amputation, Rich spent many years unable to function due to the pain in his leg. Once the pain was gone, he has been able to do things that Rich was unable to do with his own leg.

"The guy you see today is a happy person, he works pain-free," says Eric about Rich's new life.

He works 12 hours per day, wears his leg 16-18 hours per day, and is no longer on pain medication. He plans to run a half marathon in June of this year and BioTech is working with the VA to help Rich get a new running leg.

"My quality of life is probably 110% better than it was to begin with," says Rich. He is excited because he is no longer on pain medication.

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