Noah Galloway has inspired the entire nation on Dancing with the Stars over the last few weeks. Take a minute to learn more about Noah's story, including how he became a double amputee.

When Noah went to Iraq, he "never imagined that it was possible to wake up one day and be a double amputee." After 9/11, he the country was going to war and he wanted to be part of that.

After a roadside bomb led to him losing his arm and leg, Noah realized that he could overcome everything, thanks to the amazing support he had that he knew would be essential to his recovery.

Noah is truly an inspiration to everyone, amputees and non-amputees alike! He is determined and one of the most incredible people you will ever meet.

Noah is incredibly excited "to be wearing an arm again." Check out the most recent video of Noah talking a little bit about his arm fitting for Dancing with the Stars!

Below is another video about Noah's experiences.

Today, he is stronger than ever and "feels at home" when he's challenged.

Make sure you watch Noah on Dancing with the Stars and cast your vote for #TeamShway!

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