prosthetic device

Raising a child is one of the most stressful, rewarding experiences you will ever have. Long nights with little sleep, constant events to attend throughout the day, and working in between to put food on the table make for quite the busy life. Raising a child with a prosthesis throws even more activity into the mix, but the beautiful moments shine even brighter. From elementary school all the way until graduation, there are challenges along the way that will shake you to your core - and then bring your closer than ever. Let’s discuss a few.


There will understandably be many tough questions and conversations throughout the experience of raising your child. Beginning with the early years and increasing as school becomes a factor, there may be questions that you have a hard time answering. Stay informed, be prepared, and always let your child know how much you love them. Don’t shy away from the truth, but deliver it in an uplifting manner, and never let your child think there is something that they can’t do.


While school is wonderful for gaining an education and meeting friends, it can be difficult for a lot of children. While most don’t even know it, the honesty of little kids can cause major damage to others. Not to mention kids that are mean on purpose! You may have days where your child comes home crying and doesn’t want to go to school anymore. This goes back to the honest talks and encouragement. Help your child take steps towards making friends, boost self-confidence, and continue being the source of love at home.

Preparing for the Future

As your child grows older, they will begin to handle most of the responsibility of a prosthesis. There will still be lessons that need to be taught before stages like driving, graduating, and moving out. This covers staying safe, upkeep, and the cost of damaging or losing a prosthesis! Just like any high-schooler, there will be moments that you wonder if they are even listening, but keep advising. While it seems like things are going in one ear and out the other, constant reminders are hard to forget.

Keep Up with the Devices

Prosthetic devices are difficult to keep up with, and rapid growth only makes it more difficult. Monitor your child’s growth and make sure that the prosthesis fits. You will also be a major part of cleaning and upkeep in the formative years, and will then need to teach your child how to keep up with socks, put on their prosthesis, and other daily tasks. BioTech has years of experience helping people of all ages with their prosthetics, and we have the technology to make it more comfortable and convenient than ever before. Contact us for more information.