prosthetic orthotic

There are options for prosthetic and orthotic devices - from AFOs to artificial legs - for those who have suffered from limb loss and other debilitating conditions.

But, it’s important to understand that not all options are equal. There is actually quite a bit of difference between one provider and another - and those differences can lead to a good or bad experience, depending on who you choose.

At BioTech, there are several things that set us apart from the rest of the field - advantages that we have compiled in our decades of operation. We’re proud of what we can offer that other providers can’t because we believe strongly in giving you choices, including choices that work best for you and your family.

In-House Fabrication

Most prosthetic/orthotic providers are 1-2 men operating in a small office. They can take your measurements, but they send them off to a fabrication facility, which means they - and you - have to wait for them to get sent back from the facility. And if it doesn’t fit, they have to send it back to the fabricators and you have to wait again for your device.

BioTech is different. We have a full team, including in-house fabricators who can make just about anything you need. This is good for two reasons:

  1. In-house fabrication saves time. You get your device faster, even if adjustments have to be made.
  2. We control the quality of your product. You’re not at the mercy of third-party fabricators whom you’ve never met.

By fabricating in our own facility, we can also catch issues before they arise and amend them on site. It’s not uncommon to see us leave a patient, take the device in the back, adjust it, then bring it back to the room and test the fit on the patient, all in a span of minutes. With other providers, that would take days, even weeks.

A Better Facility

We’re very proud of our facility, which we think is second to none.

For starters, our facility is clean, well-lit, spacious, and comfortable. We made it this way on purpose because we know that’s what our patients expect. We were also disappointed with other facilities we’ve been in, and didn’t want the same subpar experience for our patients

Additionally, our facility uses state-of-the-art technology, from 3D computer scanners to fabrication equipment and an awesome, high-tech carving robot. And, we have the experience to operate all of this technology in a way that makes your device look and fit better than what you can get anywhere else.

Visit Us to Learn More

If you need prosthetic or orthotic care, the provider you choose matters, and we want you to get the best experience. The best way to get a full glimpse of what BioTech can offer is to contact us and pay us a visit.

Our goal is a five-star experience for you, every time, and when you come to see us for your prosthetic or orthotic care, that’s exactly what you’ll get.