Honoring veterans on memorial day

Memorial Day is almost here, and with it comes the remembrance and honoring of every soldier that has died in battle. While we are remembering those that are gone, we can still take steps toward helping our nation’s living veterans. Here are a few ways we can honor the deceased while thinking of the living.

Fly Flags at Half-Mast

The United States flag is typically flown at half-mast until noon on Memorial Day. This is done to give honor and thanks to our fallen heroes. If you have a flagpole, take time to research the proper way to carry and raise the flag, and inform those around you if they would like to become involved. Even if you don’t have a flagpole, take some time when you pass a flag to remember everything others have sacrificed and given up for us to be here.

Donate to Charity

Donating to a charity for veterans can help the quality of life for veterans who gave up so much of themselves for our freedom. Memorial Day is focused on those who gave their life, but it is also a great reminder of what has been given up by veterans and their families. Many members of our military have endured physical limb loss, not to mention the mental and emotional toll of battle. Look into the thousands of charities available and find one that you would like to donate to.

Visit a Museum

Museums are a great way of understanding the brutal conditions that soldiers face in war. If you have children that seem to take these days lightly, showing them just how much was given up for their freedom may help them gain an appreciation for our fallen heros.

Thank Living Veterans and Soldiers

It is easy to be viewed as a hero once you have passed, but many of our living veterans do not get the support, help, and thanks that they deserve. Besides donating to a charity or volunteering to help disabled veterans, saying thank you to a veteran or active soldier can go a long way. Care packages can show that you do indeed care, and something as small as a conversation can help show that we do appreciate everything that they have done for us.

BioTech Thanks All Those Who Have Fought

BioTech has worked with many veterans and is thankful for every citizen that puts on a uniform to defend our country. This Memorial Day, we want to remember all the veterans lost in battle, and we vow to continue helping those who have lost a limb in war. Learn more about what we do and contact us today to discuss finding the right prosthesis for you.