children with limb loss

Growing up is hard for anyone, but for children with limb loss -- whether they were born without the limb or they lost it at some point in childhood -- getting through school, and just getting through life in general, can be even more challenging. What are some ways that children with limb loss can love who they are and embrace their new life? Let’s take a look!

#1: Remember -- It Will Get Easier!

No matter when a child loses a limb, they face multiple difficulties as they learn to adapt. One of the best things to do is to remember that wearing a prosthesis, or simply living with limb loss, will get easier as time goes on! Eventually, it will stop feeling like such a production and start feeling normal. This isn’t to downplay the seriousness of the loss; it’s meant to give them hope that their life can be full and bright, even after limb loss!

#2: Lead by Example

Most people don’t know how to act around children with limb loss. They may ask too many questions or try to make jokes because they’re nervous. To set them at ease (and ultimately set the child at ease), the child should talk about the subject and about themselves in the way they’d like others to talk about it. Whether this involves humor or seriousness is up to them, but the best way to educate others about how to treat them and their limb loss is to show them firsthand.

#3: Tell Others How to Help

Sometimes, children assume their parents or other family members know how they’re feeling, but this isn’t always the case! Encourage children with limb loss to explain how they’d like to be supported. It may take some prodding, but eventually, they’ll be able to express at least one or two opinions on the matter -- and then their support network will be able to do the very best job possible!

BioTech Is Your Source for Help for Children with Limb Loss

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