wearing a prosthesis in the summer

Get ready for sand and surf, because summer is upon us! If you’re planning to head to the beach this year, or even if you’re just going to stick around the house, you may have concerns about how your prosthesis will hold up in the heat. Rest easy! We have some great advice for successfully wearing a prosthesis in the summer.

(Your skin may need some extra attention this summer, too!)

Sweat and Swelling

As the mercury rises, two things may affect the fit of your prosthesis: increased sweat production and the swelling of your residual limb. We all know that a poorly-fitting prosthesis isn’t any fun, so what can you do to prevent or help this situation?

Call your prosthetist to discuss your summer plans. He or she may be able to make a few adjustments to your device that will reduce the effects of swelling and sweating, and provide you with more comfort during these hot months.

Sand and Water

Headed to the beach with friends or family? Awesome! Just be sure to watch out for the possibly harmful effects of sand and water on your prosthesis. Water may sneak into the mechanical parts of your prosthesis and cause rust -- not to mention possibly put your warranty in danger. Sand may also get into the same places and cause poor functionality.

To reduce the risk of sand damage to your prosthesis, cover it up (especially the mechanical parts) with a socket cover. As for water damage, the best option is to swim without your prosthesis, which also gives your residual limb some breathing room. If you need your prosthetic device in order to swim, consider a waterproof or water resistant option that will give you the protection you need during your aquatic activities.

Wearing a Prosthesis in the Summer Is Easy with BioTech!

Whether you’re headed to the beach, the mountains, or your couch, BioTech can help you enjoy the summer to its fullest. Contact us today!