dancing with prosthesis

Dancing with a prosthesis may not sound like the biggest obstacle after learning to walk and run, but it does bring a new set of challenges! More than this, though, it can bring a new level of joy into our lives. While all forms of upward mobility are important for our physical well-being, there’s something about shaking our hips to the beat of a song that can’t be replaced. Whether it’s for a wedding, a school event, hanging out with friends, exercising, or any other reason - learning to dance is great for both the mind and body. Keep reading for more information on why it’s so important and what to expect when hitting the dance floor.

Benefits of Dance

Dancing has numerous benefits for the human body. This includes improvements to muscular strength, aerobic fitness, weight loss, bone strength, and increasing the health of our heart and lungs.

Besides the physical benefits, there are many social benefits. It would be hard to argue that getting out, being active, and enjoying the night with friends is bad for you. All of this is even more true for those who’ve experienced limb loss.

Having the willpower to continue improving one’s body with a prosthesis can become an incredibly difficult task at times, but having a fun activity to focus on can make the experience much easier. Dancing also helps with certain movements that are important for everyday living!

Improving Your Moves

Dancing involves a lot of movement in a lot of directions, which is great for gait training. One of the most difficult aspects of most prosthetic devices is walking backwards. It’s certainly no walk in the park, but dancing classes provide a fun way of learning these reverse moves. In the case of dancing lessons, one step forward really is taking two steps back!

Just like other activities on a prosthesis, there will be multiple obstacles during the learning process, like soreness and control. However, having a great support group, a positive instructor, and a good attitude provide a path to perseverance.

Ask BioTech for More Information

We have decades of experience helping those with limb loss accomplish anything and everything that they desire. Don’t believe that we can help people improve their dancing skills? We actually helped Noah Galloway with his Dancing with the Stars appearance, along with preparing to rock climb and other activities! Contact us today to learn how we can turn your disabilities into possibilities.