Custom Prosthetic Devices

In 2006, Danielle Brooke was jetskiing with her middle school friends at Lake Martin during the summer. A tow rope used to pull a float was coiled up and left in the footwell on the jet ski.

Danielle was excited to be in the water and  stepped onto the jet ski and took off - without realizing that the rope was still in the well. The rope caught around her ankle, and due to the high speed, leading to her limb loss from the calf down.

During her stay at Children’s Hospital following the accident, Danielle met Eric at BioTech Limb and Brace. By August that same year, Danielle was walking on her new custom prosthetic leg.

Like many of our amazing and inspiring patiences, merely walking was only the start of her incredible journey and aspirations. She had her sights set on more.

Not long after receiving her prosthesis, Danielle was ready to jump into high school athletics - always having the heart, perseverance, and passion of a true athlete. To excel, she needed a running prosthesis.

Danielle Gets Her First BioTech Running Prosthesis

BioTech helped develop custom running prosthesis for Danielle that allowed her to join the school track team and run for two years.

To help Danielle get used to the new device, fellow amputees at the Lakeshore Foundation in Birmingham, Alabama talked her through the process, helped her adjust to the new lifestyle, and showed her how to run on her new leg.

By sixteen years old, Danielle was barrel racing with horses and realized that she needed to modify her current running prosthesis in order to get a better fit.

With her new leg, Danielle was simply excelling, she even joined her high school cheerleading team. With BioTech’s help, Danielle got a knee brace that increased the comfort and function of her running prosthesis to make it a better fit for her new love for cheerleading.

Throughout Danielle’s entire journey, the BioTech team has loved helping Danielle to recognize and achieve her possibilities with proper fitting and functioning prosthetic devices.

Realize Your Possibilities with BioTech Limb & Brace

Danielle has been with BioTech for nine years and most recently become the mother of an adorable six-month-old baby. She has gone from chasing after gold medals to chasing after her a little one.

To all of those who have suffered limb loss, she offers a few words of inspiration:

Life does not end just because you lose a limb. I’ve done way more after my accident than before with help from BioTech technology.

We are proud of Danielle and her accomplishments and are ecstatic that we have been able to be part of her incredible journey.

At BioTech, we treat all of our patients like family. Let us help you recognize your possibilities and achieve your dreams with a custom fitted prosthetic or orthotic device.