prosthetic limb socket

If you wear a prosthetic limb, you know the prosthetic limb socket is of utmost importance. In fact, in many ways, it is the most important part of your prosthesis. The socket has to fit perfectly in order to give you the comfort and flexibility you need; otherwise, wearing your device will be uncomfortable and impractical.

Read on to find out what makes BioTech’s Comfort Socket so special!

Unique Design

Our transfemoral design is specially made to bring you the highest possible level of comfort and mobility with your prosthesis. Some of the features you’ll find with our Comfort Socket include:

  • An increased level of control
  • A high level of flexibility to allow for a smooth bending motion
  • Relief of discomfort on pressure points
  • Reduced socket rotation, which allows for more stability
  • A high level of contouring around your residual limb

With these design aspects on your prosthetic limb socket, you’ll feel more comfortable, flexible, and confident than you will with other designs.

Special Advantages

One of the main advantages of the Comfort Socket is the way it is specifically molded to fit your residual limb. No one else’s socket will fit you because each one is made for a particular wearer. This kind of customization gives you a lot of control and proprioceptive feedback.

Additionally, we’ve worked hard to give your pressure points some relief. With the Comfort Socket, the weight-bearing characteristics have been equalized, which means any bony sections of your residual limb won’t be subject to high pressure. All of this helps prevent swelling and maintains proper circulation, resulting in even more comfort for you!

Looking for a Better Prosthetic Limb Socket? Look No Further!

At BioTech, your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities. What better way to deliver those things than with our Comfort Socket? If we can give you a high level of mobility and a perfect socket fit, then we know we have done our job well. If you have questions about our Comfort Socket or you’d like to speak with us about a fitting, contact us today! We are always here to help!