Aging with an amputation

Aging will always bring new challenges to life and make simple things harder to accomplish. With each new year, there are new things to consider. This is even more true for those who have experienced limb loss. Certain tasks are already more difficult to perform with a prosthesis, and growing older will not make them easier. There will also be new difficulties that you may not have thought of, but they are not impossible to deal with. Let’s look at some potential problems and ways to handle them that can allow your life to be full of possibilities at any age!


As the body ages, certain parts of our health will become more complicated. Even the healthiest of people will experience symptoms beyond their control. We can take steps to treat them, though! One of the major health concerns with age is arthritis, and those with a prosthesis are unfortunately more likely to experience it in their spine, hips, and complete limbs. Staying healthy and active is the best way to slow down the process, and is great for overall health in general. If arthritis does become a serious concern, it is very important to talk to your prosthetist about using a new prosthesis that is easier to wear and can handle more weight.

Weight gain and vascular diseases are also symptoms for many people entering old age. These require the same adjustment as arthritis: staying healthy and working with your prosthetist to keep adjusting your prosthesis. Taking care of yourself and staying ahead of the problem can do wonders for the body.


Two of the biggest adjustments with growing older will be related to balance and taking care of your skin. Balance becomes an issue with age, regardless of previous health. Adjustment to your prosthesis and wearing appropriate footwear are the best methods to combat this. Those with limb loss deal with skin care their entire lives, but it becomes more difficult with age. Stay ahead of the issue through using specialty soaps and socks to keep your skin protected.

Medical Care

While it’s not the most fun topic, insurance is important to discuss before you reach a point where you plan doesn’t cover something you need. Understand your policy and how it could be affected and plan ahead. It may feel out of your control at times, but being prepared can do a lot.

We Know the Industry

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