Becoming an amputee can have a drastic impact on one's life. It requires change, motivation, and the willingness to adapt. If you have recently undergone an amputation or if you are looking to learn more about life with a prosthesis, keep reading to find out the 5 things amputees wish they had known. 

#1: Having Confidence Goes a Long Way

You may be struggling with the fear of others’ opinions, but it’s important to be confident. Any lack of confidence can cause one to succumb to their fears. Instead, try to remain positive and embrace your amputation. Confidence goes a long way, but always remember that it does not happen overnight. Take time to embrace this new way of life and be easy on yourself in the meantime. 

#2: People Stare Because They Are Curious

It may feel like people stare at you because you look different and they’re secretly casting judgement, but be assured that most people stare because they are simply curious. Many people have questions but might be too scared or embarrassed to ask. Try to remember that a prosthesis is not the norm, and many people have not seen them before. 

#3: Choosing a Supportive Prosthetist Matters

Finding a nice prosthetist is only half of the solution. You need to choose a prosthetist who will listen and try to enhance your experience with a prosthetic. Some prosthetists can be resistant to change and new technologies. Make sure your voice is heard, so you can choose a supportive prosthetist who truly cares. 

#4: You Don’t Have to Be Athletic to Be Active

Getting active can be as simple as dancing in your living room or as extreme as running a half marathon. Any activity that gets your blood flowing is going to improve your quality of life and overall well-being. 

#5: Always Carry Extra Supplies

Nothing feels worse than being unprepared when you’re out doing something. Carrying extra socks, wipes, and lotions can be life-savers when you’re out and need a little pick-me-up. Sometimes all you need to do is remove your limb, and put it back on. Keeping a wrench on hand may be useful if anything decides to come loose. 

The road to recovery is filled with obstacles, but it is not impossible. During this time, try to remain active and think positively. Your journey has not come to a halt—it has only begun. 

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